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More interesting

We sell textiles and headwear from Fruit Of The Loom and Jerzeez.

You can find products from Fruit Of The Loom and Jerzeez at https://www.skypro.fi/tuotteet/uutuudet/.

 We make textiles just as the customer wants

 We create programs for customers embroidering machines.Because it’s easy to send programs through email, it decreases the effort the customer has to put in and later it’s possible to change or fix already made programs as the customer needs.

 We make and sell dog sport gear and accessories.

 We make many sorts of dog sport clothing, training wests, protective pants, carrying harnesses, barriers etc. We also provide products from other sellers. We take requests from clubs and kennels to make clothing with customer’s symbologies. 

 Sensoline OÜ workers have 30 years of experience with embroidering and creating perfect textiles.


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